Hedge fund portfolios can be created to match the risk/reward expectations of most investors. Unlike many large institutions, CIA actually applies proprietary research overlaying it with direct market experience. Investment is only encouraged in managers where CIA has intimate knowledge and confidence both in the underlying business and investment styles.

When we create portfolios we aim to exceed both equity and hedge fund indices with low volatility and insignificant drawdown over the longer term, achieved by not creating an over-diversified portfolio. Hedge funds can use virtually every asset class dramatically increasing investment opportunities. Well chosen hedge funds typically offer less correlated sources of return that are independent of traditional asset classes.

The addition of hedge funds to a traditional investment portfolio dramatically improves the risk/return balance as measured by the Sharpe Ratio and other indicators. Hedge funds are also driven by absolute, not relative, performance.

CIA is committed to delivering performance to Clients and the fee structure of the Hurdle Funds is designed to reflect this.